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Cancer survival and cancer prevention

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is part of the World Health Organization (WHO).  The Agency’s 2014 report titled World Cancer Report states that cancer is now the biggest killer in the world with over 8 million people dying annually.  Amongst the Agency’s Group 1 listed carcinogenic compounds are a range of chemicals known to increase inflammation and inflammatory biomarkers in the body.

According to the peer-reviewed medical literature, high serum albumin is independently and significantly associated with cancer survival and cancer prevention.  The reason for this is considered to be albumin’s high antioxidant, anti-toxin and anti-inflammatory activity.  An Editorial in the Journal of The National Medical Association (USA) states that “when albumin levels are restored and maintained there is usually full remission or at the very least stabilization in all forms of cancer”.

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Serum albumin can be raised naturally by the long-term consumption of good quality food (low fat, low refined sugar), removing chronic inflammation and inflammatory biomarkers, and the long-term consumption of clean drinking water in appropriate daily volumes.

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