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Several epidemiological studies have demonstrated an association between extra water consumption and the prevention of disease.  It was not specified in these studies if the water contained any calcium or magnesium ions.

In the Adventist Health Study, a prospective cohort study involving approximately 20,000 people, extra water consumption was correlated significantly to a decrease in fatal coronary heart disease.

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In a case control study of approximately 400 people with colon cancer, there was a strong association between extra water consumption and decreased risk of colon cancer among women.

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In a prospective study of 47,000 men, the consumption of 1500ml of water per day decreased the incidence of bladder cancer.

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An hospital-based, case-control study of 44 women with newly diagnosed histologically confirmed breast cancer in England showed a strong, significant association between daily water consumption and a decrease in breast cancer.  The drinking of water conferred a beneficial effect on cancer risk.

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The association between water consumption and a decrease in cancer incidence is interesting.  It is known that without water (hydration) the classic orderly helix of DNA is no longer viable.  At low hydration, the most biologically relevant B form of DNA undergoes conformational transitions to other forms.  It is feasible that inappropriate hydration or charge shielding of DNA may be associated with diseases – particularly diseases of inappropriate DNA expression or DNA mutation such as cancer.  It is known also that the structure and function of protein enzymes and assemblies in the body are dependent totally on proper hydration and the chemical (polar) nature of water.

The British water utility Water UK has sponsored booklets, written by a senior executive of the British Medical Association, that discusses the consumption of water and the prevention of disease - particularly cancer.  See the booklet Wise up on water!  []

It has been found clinically that extra water consumption results in optimal hydration which produces a consistent and positive significant correlation between an increase in serum magnesium concentrations and an increase in serum albumin concentrations. Numerous international peer-reviewed literature articles state that increases in serum magnesium concentrations decrease major biomarkers of systemic inflammation. Decreases in biomarkers of inflammation increase albumin synthesis in the liver and increase serum albumin concentrations.  High serum albumin concentrations are correlated to survival from a range of diseases, particularly heart disease and cancer.  See Clinical Trial Results.


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