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One aspect of Unique Global Possibilities research is the unique chemical and biochemical properties of water.  The corporation researches the structure and properties of water within and around biomolecules, such as nucleic acids, proteins and lipids.  This research involves some of the most important unresolved issues in biology and medicine because the structure and function of intracellular biomolecules define differences between health and disease, longevity and senescence.

The water molecule consists of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms and has chemical formula HO.  Water is a polar molecule where the oxygen atom is partially negatively charged and the hydrogen atoms are partially positively charged.  The partial charges within water molecules are responsible mainly for water’s physical properties.

Research conducted internationally over the past two decades has shown that water is an active component in the formation of intracellular components.  The chemical (polar) nature of water determines the structure, function and hydration of intracellular biomolecules and assemblies.  For example, the classic double-helix of DNA is hydration dependent and does not exist per se.  Appropriate charge shielding by water and counter ions is essential to screen the electrostatic repulsion between phosphate groups in DNA so that structure and function are maintained.

Unique chemistry of water

Phosphate group

Phosphate group



Thymine nitrogenous base

Adenine nitrogenous base


Water molecules give a strong hydration to the backbone phosphate groups of DNA.  Water molecules and hydrated counter ions, particularly magnesium, occupy the major groove of DNA and provide stability for optimal DNA folding and DNA interaction with essential proteins.  It is considered now that all biomolecules in cells and tissues don't just function in water but actively interact with water for their structural formation and function.  This is particularly true of the body’s proteins and nucleic acids.

Unique Global Possibilities has a global perspective and seeks unique solutions to global medical problems.  In relation to water consumption and preventive medicine, the question of global significance often posed is:  Does the long term consumption of water, or extra water, or water with specific constituents help to optimize health and longevity?  Despite a lack of strong medical evidence, there appears to be universal medical and nutritional admonitions to drink 8 glasses – about 2 liters – of water per day.  Unique Global Possibilities has completed research that gives support to the claim that 6 to 8 glasses of water per day optimizes health and longevity.  This result has global health implications.

It became evident in the corporation’s research that there were several physiological aspects to the consumption of water.  First, sufficient water has to be consumed to maintain normal body hydration and function.  This consumption is under the influence of social behavior and the body’s thirst reflexes.  The water is often consumed in the form of beverages and juices.  Second, the conscious consumption of extra water – up to 8 glasses per day – appears to optimize hydration with some significant health benefits.  Third, the consumption of water, or extra water, that contains magnesium or calcium appears to be associated with more significant long term health benefits.

Deoxyribose sugar



[Slightly positive]


[Slightly positive]


[Slightly negative]